Thursday, 8 December 2016

The anzac movie

THIS was age ago

Coke and mentos (experiment )

For our  DLO we have to do an  experiment  that we did in the last few weeks with our class so For my Class we did coke and Mentos what it do if you put the mentos in the coke it blow up.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


This is facts about the moon.

The 12 people that went on the moon (( Narrative)

In 1949 there were 12  Astronaut on the moon which is in outer space and their name were Alex, Pete , Buzz , James , Jack , Mike , Joseph, Jamie , Liz , Patrick ,Charlie and Ben They are from the United States of America. They were the first 12 people to go on the moon.

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They went to outer space by going on a Rocket and so they were wearing the Astronaut clothing because if they don’t then they won’t breathe in space because it is hard to breathe but only Aliens can breathe in space, (Why?) Because the is there is no Oxygen in Space

The First 12  Astronauts Were on The moon  and if you went on The moon you will see the 12  Astronaut  Footprint on The moon. Alex, Pete , Buzz , James , Jack , Mike , Joseph, Jamie , Liz , Patrick ,Charlie and Ben they look after The moon So The nothing will not happen to the moon. Back in 1948 there were something going on outside because there were a explosion from outer space.

Then The 12 Astronaut came and try to stop it The German people in the rock for exploding Earth before There will be no earth from outer space.The 5 of the Astronauts were trying to stop the german Astronauts from getting into their rocket and leave them on the moon so that they can’t go back home to Earth.

Then the 12 astronauts saw an old rocket and they started running to it and then they got in and then they started the rocket and it was working and there were heaps of gas but no,one didn’t use it because it was an old Rocket  and so they had to leave it there for the other astronauts and so 2 of the astronauts were flying it and the others were in the back having a conversation about what should they do.

Then they walked home and then had a rest and watch tv and then they went to each others house and celebrate and Jack didn’t want to celebrate because he had housework to do and then have his dinner and then go to bed and sleep because he had to go to work early in the morning at 3:00am and after when he went to work he came home and so the door open and so he called his friends to come because when he left the house to got to work first he locked the door and then someone came to his house and unlocked it and then went in the house to have food and went to bed and slept.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge

This is our Mannequin Challenge we did very good.
good job team 5.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

science experiment

This is an  science experiment that you can do at home or anywhere.
this my favorite thing to do?